Big Brother Canada - March 23

So let's pick up where my last post left off... HOH competition.  People are slowly dropping out.  My favourite part was when Ika and Heather were out.... can you say TENSION?  Anyway, back to the competition.  Sarah knows she has to win it, but unfortunately, Rachelle wins in the end.  Oops, did I say "unfortunately", I'm not supposed to be biased, right?  Actually, I can be, this is my own blog.  I'll say it, I don't like Rachelle.  Anyway, I said at the end of the previous episode that I thought she looked focused.  I think this was a good challenge for "yoga lovers" as they know how to keep difficult poses for a long time.  So, there ya go.

I like to call this episode "episode of the cocky players" as everyone is showing their "over-confident" side and talking about what masters of the game they are.  Here's the thing, don't ever say things like "you are the puppet master", or "everyone's wrapped around your finger" because those are the kinds of things they replay over and over during your eventual eviction.  The exception to the rule, maybe, is Dr. Will.  But I digress....

Let's just cut down some of the text in this blog by saying....Kenny is confident, Andrew is confident, Sabrina is confident.... but there are some feeling not so confident.  Ika cries about Sarah "ruining" her HOH.  Guess Ika wasn't as "in control" as she thought she was.  Also not feeling so secure, Sarah.  I really feel for Sarah... I think she made the right choice in the vote, but now she has a full-on bullseye on her as a target for the "girls alliance".

Speaking of the girls alliance... I think they're a bit of a mess.  And Rachelle as HOH?  They may as well have put a mannequin in her place because, everyone is "directing her" as to what she should do.  Does this girl not have a thought of her own?  I feel like I know nothing about Rachelle... because she rarely talks and doesn't do anything significant.  Just my thoughts....

Side note - Rachelle designates Sabrina (who volunteers), Heather, Adel and Arlie as 'have nots".

We have a little bit of fun in this episode when Allison and Jon are selected to go to the Diary Room, they're allowed to drink as much liquor as they like, but they aren't allowed to let on to the houseguests that they've been drinking.  They drink a lot of liquor... and no one guesses they've been drinking.  BB tells them they've won their challenge, and everyone gets alcohol, even the "have nots".  Oh happy days! 

Anyway, in the end, Rachelle nominates who she was told to.... Heather and Allison.  Heather is told she's the target and Allison is a "pawn".  We'll see how that goes. 

Well that was a short and sweet wrap up.  I'm not going to lie, I wasn't feeling well last night and was only half watching, so if I missed something big, fill us in ... write in the comments section.


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