Big Brother Canada - March 20

Well, what a night.  Lots to get to, so let's dive right in.

Ika sits down with Paul to fill him in on her plan to have Heather evicted and keep Paul.  Then she asks him if she can trust him.  Um... shouldn't you have asked him that before you told him everything?  I mean, what if he said "no you can't trust me".... what could you do?  Ask him to forget everything you told him?  Anyway, Paul and Adel chat and Adel tells him to keep his mouth shut and don't piss anyone off.  Good advice.  Seriously. Because evidently, Paul needs to be reminded of that.

Adel has a little meeting with everyone to fill them all in on the outside world... which the most shocking news seemed to be about Roberto Luongo's trade.  Neda is devastated over this news.  Reality is, he wanted the trade, Neda, so be happy.  Anyway... that's all I'll say about that.

Then Adel drops the bomb that he was given a special power and that he isn't going to tell anyone what it is.  But then he goes ahead and tells Ika when they are alone.  Really?  Ika?  *sigh*  She's the last person that I would have told, but who am I to say who he should have told. 

We then get to see a montage of Heather trying to have conversations with people, and they keep telling her their busy and to come back later.  This is horrible.  Why is everyone so mean to her?  I get it's not fun to hang around with someone you may find annoying, but I hate seeing people excluded like this.

So the guys of the "First Five Alliance" want Sara to vote with them to keep Heather in the house.  She's torn... and rightfully so. A vote like that would exile her from the girls' alliance... and Sabrina certainly isn't volunteering to do it.  And... I'm skeptical that any of those guys would stick their necks out for her like that if the situation were reversed.

So we have a round of "speeches that don't matter because everyone's already made up their mind".  Heather says she trusts that people will do what they said they will do.  Yeah... honey... you shouldn't... because they aren't going to.  Fast forward to the vote.  People - just vote... you don't need to make snippy comments (Rachelle "I happily vote to evict, Heather")... ugh.

So Sara shoes me she is braver than I give her credit for... and votes Paul out of the house.  I would have loved to have seen the look on Ika's face when that was announced, but anyway.

HOH competition is an endurance one.  I will say that Neda and Rachelle looked pretty comfortable...

I won't say who won (because I did see who did)... but expect some interesting things to happen between now and the next episode Sunday night!!!!

And before I sign off... in "celebrity sighting" news... I saw Scott "Contessa" Bosse walking uptown Saint John today.  He's having a Meet & Greet tonight at Bourbon Quarter at 7:00 PM for those in town who would like to meet him.

Have anything to say about last night's episode?  Rant/Rave away in the comments section!


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