Big Brother Canada - March 13

Big episode tonight!  A word of warning to start - with a sick husband and child, I truly am an overtired mommy, so this post will likely lack humour and may have the occasional irrational thought/rambling.  Enjoy:

We start the episode with a recap of the last... and pickup again at the POV competition.  Cut to the chase, Kenny wins (yay). 

Flip over to the "other side" of the house, and there's some discussion about the "prep work" involved when Scott transforms in to Contessa.  I love that all 3 houseguests worked on the transformation.  I really like all three of them, it's a shame only one gets in to the house.

At the POV ceremony, Kenny allows the nominees to "tell him why he should use the POV on them".  Can I just say, I hate these speeches.  I mean, the POV holder has already made up their mind at this point whether they will use it or not, and if either nominee was planning to make a "plea" for the POV to be used, they usually have already done it before the actual ceremony.  It's just unnecessary, and the speeches are never really very exciting anyway.

 I have to admit that I laughed when Paul said his "plan to be the villain" was working.  Is it?  Perhaps I don't totally understand the point of the "plan", but anyway.

So we have a little clip of the Neda & Jon "hate fest" via Andrew.  Neda indicates that all the girls in the house are sucking up to Andrew... flash to a shot of all the girls in bed with Andrew.  What?  What exactly was happening in that clip?  That was weird. 

Now a scene with the "outcast alliance" of Paul, Adel and Kyle.  They talk about "what not to do" in the Big Brother house, and number one is never accuse someone of being racist.  Should go without saying, but it was a funny scene.

Now the eviction ceremony... complete with more speeches that don't matter.  Hate to tell you nominees, but everyone already has their minds made up at this point.  So the only one who votes to keep Kyle is Adel.  So bye bye Kyle.  Just a side note that Paul apologized to Andrew during his speech.  So does that mean his "plan to be the villain" is over?

When Kyle comes out, he makes a passionate speech about this life changing experience.  It was really nice. Nice to see he has some redeeming qualities.

The HOH competition consists of questions about things that happened in the house.  I will admit that I knew the answers to very few of the questions.  The winner is Ika.  Really?  Ika?  Boo.  I was hoping for her to be nominated. But oh well, that's for another week.

Now it's time to find out how's going in to the house... and despite everyone claiming it was rigged so Scott would get in... Allison is voted in.  Nate and Scott look devastated (although Nate gives a sad smile).  Allison is told that she can't tell any houseguests about being in the secret room, about Scott and Nate, or about seeing some of the live feeds.  If she reveals any of this information, she will be evicted.

She is escorted in to the house, and when the houseguests come in, she pretends to act surprised that they're already there.   I guess that's one way to get around it. 

I can't wait to see how she makes out.  But I'm kind of assuming she will become a target because she's "the new girl".

What did you think of tonight's episode?


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