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Big Brother Canada - March 30

So, for once, I didn't know what was going to happen in this episode, before it happened.  The live-feeds were down from Saturday until after the show last night.... so Canada's nominees remained a secret until then. Let's pick up from where we left off - Houseguests found out that Canada was HOH.  Let the paranoia begin!!  No one knows how they are portrayed on the show, so they're nervous.  True enough... but for those of us who watch the live feeds (or read the recaps of live feeds in my case), we get to know the houseguests a little better.  Take as an example, Sabrina - on the show last night, they show a couple of clips of her being nervous about being nominated, but on the live feeds, she remained relatively confident that she would not be nominated as she thought Allison, Andrew, and Kenny were more disliked than her. Adel lets us in on him being a little depressed that Ika is no longer in the house, as she is his "blood sister".  I've read a

Big Brother Canada - March 27 (yes, I skipped March 26)

Yes, I'll open by saying, I skipped March 26.... I was tired, and I do this for free... Anyway, on to the recap. So we're seeing the friendship between Ika and Adel grow.  How unfortunate.  I like Adel, he seems like a nice person.  I hate to see him hitch his wagon to someone like Ika. While Ika is talking to Adel in the bedroom, and Ika is making some horribly rude comments about Heather.  Heather comes in to give Ika a hug and say she's "sorry they have to be on the block against each other".  Heather is too nice for her own good. Ika decides her new strategy is going to be running to Kenny and telling him what a good idea it would be to keep her in the game.  She thinks this strategy is great.  My thought was... isn't this what every person on the block does?  Goes to the strongest player/alliance in the game and makes an argument for them to stay?  Hardly a new strategy.  Kenny, however, says Ika is making some "good points".  He says Ik

Big Brother Canada - March 23

So let's pick up where my last post left off... HOH competition.  People are slowly dropping out.  My favourite part was when Ika and Heather were out.... can you say TENSION?  Anyway, back to the competition.  Sarah knows she has to win it, but unfortunately, Rachelle wins in the end.  Oops, did I say "unfortunately", I'm not supposed to be biased, right?  Actually, I can be, this is my own blog.  I'll say it, I don't like Rachelle.  Anyway, I said at the end of the previous episode that I thought she looked focused.  I think this was a good challenge for "yoga lovers" as they know how to keep difficult poses for a long time.  So, there ya go. I like to call this episode "episode of the cocky players" as everyone is showing their "over-confident" side and talking about what masters of the game they are.  Here's the thing, don't ever say things like "you are the puppet master", or "everyone's wrapped a

Big Brother Canada - March 20

Well, what a night.  Lots to get to, so let's dive right in. Ika sits down with Paul to fill him in on her plan to have Heather evicted and keep Paul.  Then she asks him if she can trust him.  Um... shouldn't you have asked him that before you told him everything?  I mean, what if he said "no you can't trust me".... what could you do?  Ask him to forget everything you told him?  Anyway, Paul and Adel chat and Adel tells him to keep his mouth shut and don't piss anyone off.  Good advice.  Seriously. Because evidently, Paul needs to be reminded of that. Adel has a little meeting with everyone to fill them all in on the outside world... which the most shocking news seemed to be about Roberto Luongo's trade.  Neda is devastated over this news.  Reality is, he wanted the trade, Neda, so be happy.  Anyway... that's all I'll say about that. Then Adel drops the bomb that he was given a special power and that he isn't going to tell anyone what it

Big Brother - March 16

Let's jump right in tonight's show ... and let me start off by saying, I hate that Ika is HOH.  This girl is the worst.  She begins the show with her nastiness by making several rude comments about Allison's appearance and indicates she doesn't like her.  Then we see that Kenny is kind of freaking out because he's met Allison before, he's afraid he will be "outed" by her.  Heather is excited about the prospects of a new blond friend... blah blah.. we continue on with random comments about what people think about her. Big Brother decides to give the Houseguests some booze to celebrate Allison's entry in to the house.   I always enjoy the booze related celebrations.  Everyone gets a little loopy and Kenny and Sabrina kiss.  Kenny says (in the diary room) that he realizes he's taking advantage of Sabrina's crush on him, but he'll do what he needs to because "it's part of the game".  This is a theme he will mention multiple

Big Brother Canada - March 13

Big episode tonight!  A word of warning to start - with a sick husband and child, I truly am an overtired mommy, so this post will likely lack humour and may have the occasional irrational thought/rambling.  Enjoy: We start the episode with a recap of the last... and pickup again at the POV competition.  Cut to the chase, Kenny wins (yay).  Flip over to the "other side" of the house, and there's some discussion about the "prep work" involved when Scott transforms in to Contessa.  I love that all 3 houseguests worked on the transformation.  I really like all three of them, it's a shame only one gets in to the house. At the POV ceremony, Kenny allows the nominees to "tell him why he should use the POV on them".  Can I just say, I hate these speeches.  I mean, the POV holder has already made up their mind at this point whether they will use it or not, and if either nominee was planning to make a "plea" for the POV to be used, they usua

Big Brother Canada - March 12

As always, we begin tonight's episode with a recap of what just happened at the end of the previous episode - specifically, Paul calling Andrew sexist and racist.  Yikes.  We see several people jump up, some yell, some just sit in silence ( the look on Adel's face is priceless).  Then Paul heads to the bathroom where he does a little monologue to indicate this was all part of his plan.  Really?  Because I feel like you're just trying to "save face"... but even if that's true... your plan is terrible.  Probably one of the worst plans I've ever heard.  I'm pretty sure accusing someone of being racist and sexist is not a good way to win the game...   He said he has to be "the bad guy" for a bit.  Yeah, the "bad guy" thing worked for Dr. Will (remember the "I hate you all" speech?), but this is different.  It's not like you were just saying you don't like him... you accused him of being RACIST.   Particularly telling w

Big Brother - March 9th episode

Ok, so I'm posting this a little later than usual (ie - later than my previous two posts).  But the 10 PM Atlantic time start time is late for overtired mamas with little ones that like to wake up at 6 AM (PS- boo time change! .... also... Boo to the even later start time of Revenge, but that's another story). Anyway, so we spend the first 5 minutes of the episode recaping what happened in the last episode.  So we get a first real look at the 3 people trying to be the final houseguest.  and, wait a second... there's no where to pee?  How does this work?  I demand to know the logistics!  Anyway, I also noticed the excitement of finding out that Allison is from St. John's, Nfld... I'm pretty sure people assume that means "party time"... and maybe it does.. I dunno.  I did laugh when Scott said "I'm from Saint John, New Brunswick!" and the other two said "OOOHHHH!" with equal enthusiasm... but I'm pretty sure they 1- don't kn

Big Brother Canada - Night 2!

I will start this post by saying that my daughter has a cold and has been up continuously through the night all week, so I truly am an "overtired mama" today, and this will truly be my "ramblings". So let's get on to my ramblings about last night's show: So we start the show with Anick wanting to start a bit of a "love movement" after her nomination.  She does some "stuff" in the BB bedroom... I'm not familiar with any of this Reiki type stuff, so I really can't tell you what she's doing.  However, my favourite line was from Jon Pardy:  "This is the first time I've heard of the Zen touchy thing". Love it. Next, we get to see Paul's HOH room, complete with a letter from his wife.  There is crying.  Then after he reads the letter he says he's happy to hear everything's under control at home.  Look, I know it's very emotional being away from your family, but if on Day 2, things aren't und

Big Brother Canada!!

So, as anyone who reads this blog would know, I am a huge reality TV fan.  I may or may not have been referred to as "obsessed" with reality TV.  ANYWAY, my favourite reality TV show is Big Brother.... so even better.... we have Big Brother CANADA.  The second season started last night, and here are my ramblings about last night's show: We have the first group of houseguests to enter the house, and already I love Kenny.  He's the bearded model from Newfoundland.  Sabrina... I feel like she could get annoying... but I'll reserve judgment on her, for now. Arlie... I didn't like his intro video, I felt like it was trying too hard to be funny... but came off as annoying.  Just me? Kyle.... I can't even... John Pardy... clearly one of my favourites already.  Not just because he's a hockey player.  As a former Puckbunny... I have always had a weakness for hockey players, but that's not why I like him.... he seems like a good time guy.  But not