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Could it be? Two posts in a row???

Well, look at me go.  Posting 2 days in a row, it's almost like I have a real blog.... Almost. Anyway, did my first class today.  Well, first in this "challenge" anyway.  It was a hard one (for me), lots of planking, abs, etc.  It was hard, but I feel good for trying.  I need the tonight too, we'll see how I feel tomorrow though.  I'll try it again next week.

Fitness Challenge!!!

Ok ... first of all... Keeping up with my blog posts?  Fail.  I'm terrible. Second of all, I'm going to make ANOTHER attempt at documenting my own personal fitness challenge. So, today is Day 2 of the "Challenge du jour" (Ooohh la la!  Sounds fancy doesn't it?  ... spoiler alert, it's not). Anyway!  This challenge I've extended to myself simply is to go to exercise 3 times a week.  Pretty simple, right?  We'll see.  My hope is that eventually, I will up that to 4 days a week, but let's start with one thing at a time.  This is more of a "feeling good" challenge as opposed to a "weight-loss challenge".  I mean, I won't kid myself, I definitely would like to lose weight, but I'm trying to focus on the "how good it makes me feel" and hopefully, eventually I will also lose weight.  haha So, I won't be sharing my weight on here.  I know... everyone's disappointed right?  But I will share how I feel