Not much of an update...

I said I would keep up with my blogging and that I will....

So I wrapped up Week 3 of my running on the weekend.  Last week was a slower week (physical activity wise), as I only ran on Monday, Friday and Saturday. I've been doing a run and walk combination, and Saturday's run had me do a stretch of 10 minutes at one point.  It was a struggle to push through, but felt amazing afterwards.  I wish I could remember the "after" feeling all the time so I would be more motivated to go and more motivated to push through.  I will say I'm impressed that I haven't given up when I'm running, there have been times that I'm feeling really sore and tired as I'm running and I just push through.  It gives me a real sense of accomplishment.

Next step?  Try to push myself to run today.  :)

It's all one day at a time.


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