Dreams of Travel....

We all have dreams.  Some of us have really selfless dreams like dreaming of happiness for all, etc.  My dreams are selfish.  I dream of lavish vacations for myself (and I guess my family can come too).  I kid, I kid (sort of).  Anyway, my family and I recently went on vacation, and, as with all of my vacations, I come home with high hopes of when we can travel again.  Although my dreams are of lavish vacations.  I often will spend time (I won't say how much time, because it's embarrassing) finding nice looking vacations at bargain prices.  I thought I would share some of my bargain vacations with you as a public service.  Perhaps I can live vicariously through one of you.  Or maybe I'll just provide you with a starting point for a dream of your own... or maybe this is pointless, but let's pretend this is helpful, shall we?

Bargain vacation #1: Orlando Holiday - May 11 to 18

1 - Rented house - I know what you're thinking, sounds expensive... or maybe you're nervous you'll get a dump.  Here's my tip, look for properties that have some reviews written about them.  If there are some negative ones, look at what they're complaining about: Are they complaining that the paint is a colour they don't like?  Or are they complaining about bed bugs?  You need to decide what is important in your rental.  Personally I don't care about paint colour, I DO care if there are bed bugs.  Perhaps you're the opposite?  Anyway, why not check out something like this property:


$424 a week - Includes washer and dryer - so if you're an efficient packer, no need to check your bags, just bring a carry-on and do laundry.  This house sleeps 8 people, so depending on how many adults you're travelling with, there's potential to share that cost, making the trip even more cost efficient.  Purchase groceries (as opposed to eating out) for your fully equipped kitchen.  Enjoy the pool/spa at the end of the day to top it all off.  Doesn't it sound heavenly?

2 - Flights- This is usually where it gets expensive, but there's a few things you can do.  There are a few sites that "guarantee the lowest price" so, if you have the time, great idea to search multiple sites, find the best deal, and see if anyone can beat it with their low price guarantee.  But this is the deal I found with Hotwire without searching anywhere else: $289.16 (taxes included) round trip - (and just an additional note that I've seen this flight as low as $240 round trip, so if you're willing to take a chance and check back every day, you may be able to get it cheaper.

3 - Car Rental - If you are renting a house, this is pretty well necessary.  A cab from the Airport to Orlando can run you somewhere around $50 (and more if you're heading to the outskirts... like Davenport).  Hotwire and Priceline can be helpful in this area if you aren't particular about what kind of car you have.  I've seen rental prices for a mid-size as low as $12 a day (before insurance). 

As for activities, it's up to you.  If you're going to do the parks (Disney, Seaworld, etc), it's difficult to find really spectacular deals, but you can usually get a few dollars off the gate price through places like undercovertourist.com or kgstickets.com.  The multi-day passes are usually your biggest bargain.

But lets take the flight, car rental & accommodations alone - and why don't we say this is a trip for 4 people.  That will be $416.16/person (+ groceries, car insurance & attraction/activities), but even with those added expenses... a pretty reasonably priced vacation, oui?

Your welcome. 

Did you enjoy this post?  Did you find it utterly ridiculous?  Either way, let me know in the comments, or Tweet me on Twitter (that sounds wrong, doesn't it).


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