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Dreams of Travel....

We all have dreams.  Some of us have really selfless dreams like dreaming of happiness for all, etc.  My dreams are selfish.  I dream of lavish vacations for myself (and I guess my family can come too).  I kid, I kid (sort of).  Anyway, my family and I recently went on vacation, and, as with all of my vacations, I come home with high hopes of when we can travel again.  Although my dreams are of lavish vacations.  I often will spend time (I won't say how much time, because it's embarrassing) finding nice looking vacations at bargain prices.  I thought I would share some of my bargain vacations with you as a public service.  Perhaps I can live vicariously through one of you.  Or maybe I'll just provide you with a starting point for a dream of your own... or maybe this is pointless, but let's pretend this is helpful, shall we? Bargain vacation #1: Orlando Holiday - May 11 to 18 1 - Rented house - I know what you're thinking, sounds expensive... or maybe you're