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If I were famous....

As I watch the Golden Globes last week, I was thinking about how often I hear celebrities complain about the paparazzi, and that made me think of some things I would do to "mess with" the paparazzi.  Here is my list: - I would constantly rub my belly as I walked around in public, and randomly stop and look at baby clothes. - I would stop in at lawyer's offices and come out with paper work for restraining orders, divorce, adoption... and I would flash it around as I walked past paparazzi. - I would "close talk" with all of my friends... which would cause constant speculation about my relationships - I would constantly change my accent when I was speaking close to the paparazzi - British, French, Spanish, German (although my accents would be horrible so no one would know what accent I was trying to do).  Then I'm sure they would constantly speculate that I was having some kind of breakdown or psychotic break. - I would wear horribly matched clothes,