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Weird Things on the Internet

There are weird things on the internet.  Yup, I'll let that sink in for a moment, because I'm sure you weren't aware of that.  Anyway, I'm not just talking about that annoying Facebook friend you have that is constantly updating their status about everything they're doing every minute of the day - "Just woke up, great day!", "I need groceries, looks like I'll be having oatmeal for breakfast", "Doctor just called to say that rash should go away in 4 weeks, phew!" - yeah, that person. Anyway, I thought I would share some of the weird and wacky stuff I've come across on the internet recently: So this one just came to my attention today - I love Turkey Dinners as much as the next person, but this "Smooth Turkey" video is beyond weird:  So, my daughter loves when I look up cartoons, etc, on Youtube.  In my effort to find some Wiggles videos, I came across a really creepy Wiggles Puppet show.... well someone took tha