Truthful Tuesday - "I am a hypocrite" edition

Yes, that's right, I'm a hypocrite.  I've decided to confess...

1 - I have very frequently laughed when people pull up beside my car with music blaring.  I will often say to whoever is in the car with me "that's ridiculous, who needs music up that loud anyway".... you know, just as any old person would say (note: I am in my early 30's... therefore... not actually old... right? RIGHT?!) Age paranoia aside... let's flash forward to this morning:

Me - in my car
Music - Even Better Than the Real Thing - U2
Volume - Loud... I mean, really loud
Buddy in the car next to me - staring
Me - continuing to groove as the song changes to PSY - Gagnam Style.

Conclusion: I am a hypocrite... who also has a very eclectic taste in music.

2 - In my university days, I vividly remember being out at a club with my girlfriends, and looking over at a group of women in their early 30's who were also grooving on the dance floor.  I believe this is a pretty accurate recap of what I said:

"Yikes, they are awkward looking... so much older than the rest of us here... I will not be clubbing at their age"

Conclusion:  I could be a snotty girl sometimes (although I didn't think so.... a definite sign you're a snob).  And.... although I don't go "clubbing" regularly... I still enjoy the odd time that I go out "dancing" with my friends... where I judge in the totally opposite way (ie - "Everyone here is so young!  They're just kids! They shouldn't be here")

I think that's enough confessing for today.  Is there a lesson here?  Maybe there should be, but I'm too tired to think of one... or to learn from this myself.

Are you a hypocrite?  Help make me feel a little better about myself by sharing your hypocrite stories...  :)


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