These are a few of my favourite things.....

Don't worry, I am not posting a Youtube video of me singing this song.... I'm just humming quietly at my desk.  Unless you want a video, because I can do that (just kidding.... or am I?)

Anyway,  I read alot of blogs, visit alot of websites, watch alot of shows and eat alot of junk.  That about sums up my life.... I'm kidding, but only half kidding.    So I thought I would do a post about my "favourites"... and yes, I spell that the "Canadian way". 

So here we go...

For a laugh:

This is my favourite parenting related blog.  And before you skip over it because you think that this will be a website with lots of parenting advice and tips on how to make organic healthy meals for your family... you are mistaken.  This blog is hilarious, and the pictures just up the "epicness" of each post.  Am I pumping this up to much?  Decide for yourself....

Parenting. Illustrated with Crappy Pictures:

This is for a whole different kind of laugh.  I began reading this blog for his hilarious commentary on episodes of Laguna Beach & The Hills, and I stayed for the other trashy reality tv ridiculing posts.  I also had never seen "Harriet Carter products" until I read this blog.  I highly recommend looking up those posts.
The blog is hilarious, if you are not easily offended.  And if you are easily offended, get off my site.  Just kidding (or am I).  Here you go:

Ok, so just a couple of "Favourites" today, I will post more again soon.


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    1. Glad to do it! Love your site! Your stories and "crappy" pictures make me laugh. :)


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