Listening in on conversations....

So, if you've been reading this blog for any lenght of time, you may have seen that I often listen in on other peoples' conversations... this is one of those conversations...

Overheard this morning while waiting to get a coffee:

Guy 1 - Are you growing a mustache for Movember?
Guy 2 - Nah, I'm not very good with the facial hair thing.
Guy 1 - Oh... well I'm growing one.
Guy 2 - Awesome, are you collecting pledges too?
Guy 1 - No... (said with hesitation)
Guy 2 - Oh, so you're just doing it for awareness?
Guy 1 - Awareness for what?
Guy 2 - Prostate Cancer....that's what Movember is for....
Guy 1 - Oh Really? 


On a totally unrelated note.  My Pinterest experiment (trying something once a week from my "pins") has been an epic fail.  I am not very good at keeping up with things like that.  I'm sure you're all very disappointed.  :)


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