Random Fact Tuesday...

So, there's a little tool associated with this blog (no... not me...I'm not talking about a person.. I mean an actual tool) that tracks where my readers come from, how many people are reading it, etc, etc.  So, not very exciting, right?  Maybe not for you (and if that's the case, this post might be pretty boring for you), but I look at that info every once in a while......mostly because I'm still amazed anyone wants to read my ramblings.

So, I logged on with the intent to post a little something about last night's episode of Bachelor Pad... then I looked at those stats... I see most of my readers are from Canada (woo hoo!  Yay fellow Canadians! And please don't mistake that for me saying "Yay Canadiens", because that is something I will never say... I'm a Flames fan... sorry, hope that doesn't change your opinion of me).  Anyway, the next highest amount of readers come from..... Russia!  Cool!  Do people generally like to read about peoples' random thoughts and complaints there?  (Just kidding, I don't generalize like that.... usually).

So welcome to my blog!  I considered getting some little welcome note from a random translation site to say "welcome to my blog" in Russian, but I was nervous that I would actually get a translation that said something like "Welcome to my pizza flavoured hockey puck" and then I would offend everyone and they would never read my blog again (ok, I know it wouldn't actually translate to that... but, you get what I'm saying).

I promise I won't post any more about uninteresting facts, please come back and read again.

Note - I actually can't promise I won't post uninteresting facts... because this Blog is based on that kind of content.  So hopefully you'll come back anyway.  :)

Have any comments/questions/suggestions for this blog?  Hit me up in the comments section (that's what the kids say these days right?  "Hit me up"?  I'm tryin to be cool here).  I may read your comments (I probably will) and I may take your advice (maybe... maybe not... you'll have to keep coming back to find out).


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