My "Pinterest" experiment

So, I set out a challenge for myself in the last post.... start actually doing something with the 50 million things I had pinned on Pinterest.  So, here are my first few attempts.

First, my pin inspiration:

Thought the idea was cute, and my daughter is constantly making pictures for us.  So, instead of using the wall, I used a blank side of my fridge:

The sign at the top actually has my daughter's name on it, and I realize most of you readers know who I am, but for those who happen to stumble across, I like to keep some anonymity.... although I'm sure it's easy to figure out who I am... but, whatever....  Just humour me.

So I did this using clamp magnets.... nothing crazy, wasn't hard, but looks better than it did before.

Second Pinterest attempt - 'Peanut Butter Cheese Ball'.  This is the pin I saw:

Looks delicious, right?  So, I started to make it:

Here is the finished product:

It is delicious!!  And much bigger than I thought it was going to be when I started making it.

And finally, the easiest Pinterest thing I tried:

Yoghurt dots - here is the inspiration:

In progress:

And finished:

It's essentially just frozen yogurt, but it makes it like eating little candies.

So there you have it!  I said I would do it.  :)

Stay tuned for more ..... :)


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