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My "Pinterest" experiment

So, I set out a challenge for myself in the last post.... start actually doing something with the 50 million things I had pinned on Pinterest.  So, here are my first few attempts. First, my pin inspiration: Thought the idea was cute, and my daughter is constantly making pictures for us.  So, instead of using the wall, I used a blank side of my fridge: The sign at the top actually has my daughter's name on it, and I realize most of you readers know who I am, but for those who happen to stumble across, I like to keep some anonymity.... although I'm sure it's easy to figure out who I am... but, whatever....  Just humour me. So I did this using clamp magnets.... nothing crazy, wasn't hard, but looks better than it did before. Second Pinterest attempt - 'Peanut Butter Cheese Ball'.  This is the pin I saw: Looks delicious, right?  So, I started to make it:


Ok, so I knew I hadn't written anything in a while... I was having a bit of writers block for a couple of reasons... 1 - Most of what I wanted to write about was really just me ranting and complaining about random things, and that gets boring for people to read.  2 - My life isn't that exciting. So, I was on Pinterest this morning... a website I only go on about once a month, but when I do, I pin like crazy.  And that action this morning inspired me to write about it.  And I use the term "inspire" loosely because this will not be an inspiring post... at all. I love Pinterest because I have discovered many really awesome things... a lot of funny things... and a lot of ridiculous things.  But as I was pinning this morning, I realized something.  I have pinned about 50,000 recipes and crafts, and I have not done any of them.  Actually, that's not true, I made two - a homemade microwave flavoured popcorn recipe, and a frozen banana thing (I don't know how to d

Random Fact Tuesday...

So, there's a little tool associated with this blog (no... not me...I'm not talking about a person.. I mean an actual tool) that tracks where my readers come from, how many people are reading it, etc, etc.  So, not very exciting, right?  Maybe not for you (and if that's the case, this post might be pretty boring for you), but I look at that info every once in a while......mostly because I'm still amazed anyone wants to read my ramblings. So, I logged on with the intent to post a little something about last night's episode of Bachelor Pad... then I looked at those stats... I see most of my readers are from Canada (woo hoo!  Yay fellow Canadians! And please don't mistake that for me saying "Yay Canadiens", because that is something I will never say... I'm a Flames fan... sorry, hope that doesn't change your opinion of me).  Anyway, the next highest amount of readers come from..... Russia!  Cool!  Do people generally like to read about peoples&#