Whiney Wednesday

So, I never really wanted to write a post about "poor sport officiating".  I've seen games at various sporting events where I've said "that ref/umpire/official was pretty bad", but I've never been prompted to rant about it..... until now.

After seeing the Canada vs. US women's Olympic soccer game the other day... I think alot of people can agree that the officiating left much to be desired.  But what really pushed me over the edge was reading this article this morning:

So, I know that no sport governing body is excited when players/coaches, etc are complaining about officiating... but if this results in any kind of punishment against the Canadian team, I think alot of Canadians, including myself, will be upset.
To rub salt in the wounds, rather than just graciously accept the win... some US players decide to make some negative comments about the Canadian team.  (See this link for details:  http://goo.gl/CTKMw)
Am I suggesting that I think making statements to the media about the horrible officiating was a good idea?  No, but I challenge anyone who can look objectively at that game to say that they wouldn't be upset after that game if they were Canadian. 
Anyway, that's enough of my whining for today.....


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