When I became a parent...

... I swore I wouldn't be so judgemental anymore.  I was INCREDIBLY judgemental before I had my little one (Why can't the parents clean that kid's face? Why are they bringing that kid grocery shopping when they clearly don't want to be here? etc etc).  I've come to understand why parents do the things they do... and I've tried to tell myself that I have no idea what's going on in people's lives that makes them do the things they do... however... I've come to understand that I am still very judgemental.  It's a problem.  I've tried, but here are the judgements I continue to make:

1 - If you are a guy and you are wearing white sunglasses... I think you're a DB (I'm a mom, not supposed to swear or write inappropriate things... so you can take a guess what that stands for).  I'm sure there are many guys that wear white sunglasses that are awesome people... I have not met them.  Most times that I see guys with white sunglasses their pants are falling down and they're wearing wife beaters... enough said.  Prove me wrong people.

2 - If you are wearing pajama pants in public, you are either really lazy or really sick.  I remember when we had pajama day at school when I was younger.  How fun!  But here's the thing... I actually wore a pair of pj's to bed and changed in to new ones in the morning..... AND.. I was 10.  I don't do it anymore.  I have heard people say "I don't care about what people say about what I wear, that's why I wear this".  Ok, the look kind of says "I don't care", but if you really didn't care about what people thought about the way you look, you wouldn't have that "tanning bed" look.. and you wouldn't be wearing makeup.

3 - If you know I'm a mom, and you start a conversation with me by telling me what a waste of time/$ etc it is to have children and proceed to ramble off reasons why you will not be having children... I will tune out of the conversation (and that's if I don't walk away from you).  Don't get me wrong.  I understand that having kids is not a desired option for everyone, and I respect that.. so respect my choice for having a child.  You are not going to convince me that I made a mistake.

So there's some rambling for today.  I'm going to go put on my pajama pants and white sunglasses.


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