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A nice walk... until...

Went for a nice lunchtime walk with my daughter.  It was warm, sun was starting to come out, we were really enjoying ourselves, until, I stepped in a wonderful mess someone's dog left on the sidewalk.  I'll admit, I wasn't looking at the sidewalk for such things... mainly because I assumed that people would PICK UP AFTER THEIR DOG!!!  Gross!  Better me than my little girl though. There's my random rambing for today... :)

Listening in on Conversations...

... because I'm nosy, and it's fun.  So, this is an actual conversation I heard this morning: Girl 1 - Have you been watching the Olympics? Girl 2 - Yes, I'm obsessed.  I love watching. Girl 1 - Me too, exciting stuff.  What's your favourite event. Girl 2 - Well, I've really liked watching the running... and figure skating. Girl 1 - Figure skating? Girl 2 - Yeah, figure skating, it's amazing to watch. Girl 1 - You mean in the winter olympics... right? Girl 2- No, they do it during the summer Olympics because it's an indoor event. Umm... are you for real?  Hilarious.

When I became a parent...

... I swore I wouldn't be so judgemental anymore.  I was INCREDIBLY judgemental before I had my little one (Why can't the parents clean that kid's face? Why are they bringing that kid grocery shopping when they clearly don't want to be here? etc etc).  I've come to understand why parents do the things they do... and I've tried to tell myself that I have no idea what's going on in people's lives that makes them do the things they do... however... I've come to understand that I am still very judgemental.  It's a problem.  I've tried, but here are the judgements I continue to make: 1 - If you are a guy and you are wearing white sunglasses... I think you're a DB (I'm a mom, not supposed to swear or write inappropriate things... so you can take a guess what that stands for).  I'm sure there are many guys that wear white sunglasses that are awesome people... I have not met them.  Most times that I see guys with white sunglasses their

Whiney Wednesday

So, I never really wanted to write a post about "poor sport officiating".  I've seen games at various sporting events where I've said "that ref/umpire/official was pretty bad", but I've never been prompted to rant about it..... until now. After seeing the Canada vs. US women's Olympic soccer game the other day... I think alot of people can agree that the officiating left much to be desired.  But what really pushed me over the edge was reading this article this morning: So, I know that no sport governing body is excited when players/coaches, etc are complaining about officiating... but if this results in any kind of punishment against the Canadian team, I think alot of Canadians, including myself, will be upset. To rub salt in the wounds, rather than just graciously accept the win... some US players decide to make some negative comments about the Canadian team.  (See this link for details: ) Am I sugg