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I'm so bad at posting regularily.....

So, once again, it's been almost 2 months since my last post.  Sorry about that.  I apologize, but was there really anyone who was upset by that?  I'm sure you were all visiting the site regularly and saying "What?  No new post?!  What is wrong with her?????"  Hey, I get it, you live for my blog.  I'll try to update more often (spoiler alert: I probably won't... because I'm terrible).

So, what has motivated me to write today?  Random thoughts....

Random thought #1 - I really don't take an effort to appreciate my own city.  I'm always anticipating and excitedly waiting for my next trip out of town.  However, I took a fabulous walk in the few blocks that surround my office... it was awesome.  Part of it was the weather.... sunny and warm... my favourite.  The other part was the fantastic little shops that surround my work... I felt like a real hipster/poser/wannabe going in to a little shop and buying some loose tea... oooh lala!  I know... big spender.
So what's my point?  Relax, I'm getting to it!  I think we all do that... ignore what we have in our own backyards.  So, my recommendation?  Go out, go for a walk and appreciate what you have in your own city/town.  (I know, I'm bossy.... but DO IT)

Random thought #2 - So, I saw there is going to be a "Big Brother Canada".  Same idea as the American reality show.  When I was in University... I would have been ALL OVER that.  I always said that there were only 2 reality shows I would consider auditioning for: Amazing Race and Big Brother (although, if they were doing a "Real Housewives of Atlantic Canada" I might consider it...).  So, now that the Canadian Big Brother is going to happen, am I going to apply? No.  Why? A couple of reasons.... 1 - My little girl... I can't imagine being away from her for that long (Aw... isn't that sweet?  No? Ok)... And I guess I'd miss my husband too... haha!  2 - Nobody wants to see an overweight cranky mom lay around the pool (I assume they will have a pool).  3 - I have limited patience for jerks... and you know there will be at least one jerk in the house.  But as I wrote that, I thought "do jerks even know they're jerks"?  I think they do... they must... but if they don't... how do I know I"m not a jerk? In that case, maybe I'm perfect for the show.

Random thought #3 - So, I was reading some travel reviews the other day, and I noticed that (on the particular site I was on), in at  least 50% of the negative reviews the major complaint was the weather.  I get it.. bad weather on a vacation is kind of a downer, but you know what?  The town/city/village you are visiting cannot control the weather, so, to rate that place as an "awful place to visit" (that's an actual quote form a review I read) simply because of the weather, is ridiculous.  I used to work in tourism, and I can't even tell you how many people would ask me on a rainy, foggy and/or cold day "is it always like this here?"  Yes, yes it is... I've heard of this thing called 'the sun' but I've never seen it. 

Anyway, those are my random thoughts for today.  I hope you found it as thrilling as I did (note: I didn't find it thrilling at all).

Final note: Are you one of the few people who actually reads my blog?  Have something to say?  Want to fight about it? (Just kidding... or am I)  Feel free to leave a comment!  Or follow me on Twitter and "tweet me" (that doesn't sound right...)  @Zumba_KatieNB

Thanks for reading!


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