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Random Friday Confessions

So, what are these "Random Friday Confessions"?  I feel like doing a TMI post... but not in a gross way.  So here are a few random confessions: 1 - I have audtionned for more than one tv show/movie.  Nothing x-rated, so don't get excited... and I didn't get the parts either, so you'll never see them... haha.  I WAS an extra in a made for tv movie... ooo... but I turned down the biggest part I was ever offered... to be a "stand-in" for Mena Suvari (I'm not even sure if that's how you spell her name) when she filmed a movie here.  Why did I turn it down?  It started filming the day after my wedding.  Womp womp! 2 - I was a librarian.  Not exactly.. I was a "student page".  I worked in a library for 3 years.  And I used to think "I wonder what people would do if, when they were checking books out, I yelled 'THANK YOU'".  I'm sure they would have thought I was nuts.  And they would have been right... I mean, I&

I'm so bad at posting regularily.....

So, once again, it's been almost 2 months since my last post.  Sorry about that.  I apologize, but was there really anyone who was upset by that?  I'm sure you were all visiting the site regularly and saying "What?  No new post?!  What is wrong with her?????"  Hey, I get it, you live for my blog.  I'll try to update more often (spoiler alert: I probably won't... because I'm terrible). So, what has motivated me to write today?  Random thoughts.... Random thought #1 - I really don't take an effort to appreciate my own city.  I'm always anticipating and excitedly waiting for my next trip out of town.  However, I took a fabulous walk in the few blocks that surround my office... it was awesome.  Part of it was the weather.... sunny and warm... my favourite.  The other part was the fantastic little shops that surround my work... I felt like a real hipster/poser/wannabe going in to a little shop and buying some loose tea... oooh lala!  I know... big s