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A serious post

I know, I know, no one every wants to read "downer" posts, but, I've never really posted on this topic before, and I think it's important. It was around this date in 2009, when I was VERY pregnant (due April 10th to be exact), that I began ignoring some pain I was having in my lower ribs.  I shouldn't say I was ignoring it, because it was difficult to ignore, it was quite painful.  I hadn't had any problems with my pregnancy other than 1 doctor's appointment that week where my blood pressure had been high.  When the doctor took my blood pressure, she suggested we wait 15 minutes and try again... so we did, and it was "normal" again. (I will explain why I put that in quotations a little later).  At that time, my doctor said to me "if you experience any pain in your ribs, head up to the hospital and we'll look at your blood pressure again". That week, I did start having pain in my ribs, but ... it's difficult to describe.