The Bachelor update

So, I haven't commented on any Reality TV in a while, but thought I would comment on the latest Bachelor episode.

As the weeks go by, I am becoming increasingly convinced that the Bachelor Ben is a little more superficial than what they are trying to portray on the show.  Don't get me wrong, I know all of the Bachelor & Bachelorettes are superficial to a degree... I mean, comon, your "first impression" cuts have to be primarily based on looks and the 3 words the contestants say to you as they exit the vehicle.

Courtney is just not a likeable person.  I know lots of people will say "but it's all about how she's edited"... ok, maybe if I met her in real life I would get along with her, but I doubt it.  Anyone who uses the "other women are jealous of me and that's why we dont' get along" defense is on my "I don't like you" list.  He has openly questioned her lack of being able to get along with other women... yet keeps her.  I don't get it.  The only logical explanation is that he must be blinded by her looks.

I remain puzzled.

I should also note that I did google who the "alleged" winner of this season is.  I am not surprised. 

Side note - my friends often ask me why I "read ahead".  I like to know the outcome... but it doesn't ruin the show for me because I continue to watch to see how they get there.  I am a fan of the show "Coronation Street" (before you ask, no, I am not 85... it is genuinely a good show).  Here in Canada we are a little over 4 months behind where they are in Brittain... so it is easy to find "spoilers" online.  I often read ahead.  But I continue to watch every episode here.

Anyway, after all that unnecessary information... I'm done for the day.


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