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The Bachelor update

So, I haven't commented on any Reality TV in a while, but thought I would comment on the latest Bachelor episode. As the weeks go by, I am becoming increasingly convinced that the Bachelor Ben is a little more superficial than what they are trying to portray on the show.  Don't get me wrong, I know all of the Bachelor & Bachelorettes are superficial to a degree... I mean, comon, your "first impression" cuts have to be primarily based on looks and the 3 words the contestants say to you as they exit the vehicle. Courtney is just not a likeable person.  I know lots of people will say "but it's all about how she's edited"... ok, maybe if I met her in real life I would get along with her, but I doubt it.  Anyone who uses the "other women are jealous of me and that's why we dont' get along" defense is on my "I don't like you" list.  He has openly questioned her lack of being able to get along with other women... yet

Snow Days

As I start to write this blog, I realized that this blog is turning in to somewhat of a "rant fest"... oh well, you're still reading it, so... on to the latest rant! Ok, so I live in a climate with snow in the winter.  I have been dealing with snow my entire life.  Do I love it? No, I mostly just tolerate it. So we had a little bit of snow yesterday... 10 cm to be exact (no, I didn't measure it myself, I am relying on "weather people" to give me this information).  When I drove to work, the streets were pretty well clear.  The sidewalks, however, were not.  Was I enraged at the lack of snow clearning on streets?  No. It's a part of life here.  But it appears there were many that were. I read on many a Facebook page this disapproving rants of parents who raged about how awful it was for children to be expected to go to school after a 10 cm snowfall.  Many cited "school was cancelled previously for much less than this" and was it, yes.  Tho