In defense of non-mothers...

Ok, I get it, being a mom is busy.  I'm the first one to complain about not having time to myself, but, I still find it irritating to listen to some moms tell "non-moms" how they don't understand what being busy is.  An example of the most recent overheard conversation:

Mom: I envy you.
Non-mom: Why?
Mom: Because of all of your free time.
Non-mom: What do you mean?  Work is crazy busy!  You know that.
Mom: No, no... I don't mean at work, I mean after work.  You can go home, have a glass of wine, read books, go out with your friends.... I can't do anything like that.
Non-mom: Why not?
Mom: Because I have kids!  You have NO idea what it's like to be as busy as I am.

Pause for a minute - I'm thinking to myself .. who talks to their friends like this?  But anyway, back at it:

Non-mom: Yeah, kids are busy
Mom: No, you have no idea.  They want me to play... all the time!  I'm making supper, laundry, cleaning... it's exhausting!
Non-mom: Wow. So what time do they go to bed?
Mom: Like 7:00... then I'm so tired I need to go to bed.
Non-mom: Yeah, some nights I can't even make it to 9... I'm in bed.
Mom: Wow, and you don't even have kids... you can't even imagine how much busier and tired you will be.
*awkward silence*

Why do some people feel the need to broadcast how busy they are?  I will agree that sometimes I am run off my feet, but why must you make other feel inferior about their lack of a busy life.  Was she hoping this lady would throw a party in her honour to awknowledge how busy she is?  Even if she did, wouldn't that mom be too busy to attend.

Well, sorry for the rant today, I must be in a bad mood... aren't I always?  That's what lack of sleep does to you.... and being SOOO  busy.  Well, I should run, I'm too busy to even write this blog.


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