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In defense of non-mothers...

Ok, I get it, being a mom is busy.  I'm the first one to complain about not having time to myself, but, I still find it irritating to listen to some moms tell "non-moms" how they don't understand what being busy is.  An example of the most recent overheard conversation: Mom: I envy you. Non-mom: Why? Mom: Because of all of your free time. Non-mom: What do you mean?  Work is crazy busy!  You know that. Mom: No, no... I don't mean at work, I mean after work.  You can go home, have a glass of wine, read books, go out with your friends.... I can't do anything like that. Non-mom: Why not? Mom: Because I have kids!  You have NO idea what it's like to be as busy as I am. Pause for a minute - I'm thinking to myself .. who talks to their friends like this?  But anyway, back at it: Non-mom: Yeah, kids are busy Mom: No, you have no idea.  They want me to play... all the time!  I'm making supper, laundry, cleaning... it's exhausting! Non-mom:

An Open Letter...

Dear Person Using the Aerosol Spray in our Public Bathroom, Hi.  How are you?  Good?  Well I'm not.  I don't know who you are, but know this: you may think that the spray you are using is disguising the smell of what you just did in our bathroom, but it's not, it's making it worse.... much worse.  The smell of citrus and your bowel movement is making me wretch in disgust.  Don't get me wrong... I know it's a necessary bodily function and we all do it, but please stop using that disgusting spray.  This is a "scent free" building.  Maybe your boss/office manager/receptionist never gave you the notice, but surely you've noticed the signs in the building?  If not, consider this your notice. Maybe I'm cranky because my car broke down this morning, or maybe I'm cranky because that's who I am... regardless... you stink... I mean your spray stinks... stop using it... immediately. Love An Over Tired Mama

"New" Bachelor

Is there some kind of "Bachelor Contestant Check List"?  Seems to me they must have met their quota this season: - Girl that lost her parents - Single mom - Girl that's "so pretty other women are jealous of her" - Good 'ol Southern Girl - Girl who has "relationship issues" - A Canadian - Blah, blah, blah So, you may assume by reading this post that I will not be watching this season.... you would assume wrong.  lol


So I started using Twitter.  I know... probably ridiculous, but I was curious.  I have started "following" some celebrities on Twitter... But I have become to realize that my imagination of what they are like is often extremely different than what they are like in real life.  Some celebrity tweets have made me realize that I would prefer not to meet my celebrity "crushes" in real life as it ruins my own ideas.  I want to believe that Jim from The Office is a real person... is that too much to ask?