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Bachelor Pad

So, I'm pretty sure this show is the  most ridiculous thing I've ever seen, but, I can't look away.

Multiple observations:

 - Vienna bothers me.  She did during Jake's season... and this just re-confirms for me how much I dislike her.  "I'm not in this game because you aren't protecting me"... what?  Her boyfriend's talking to her the whole time, then she throws out "I feel ignored"... what more do you want?  Do you want him to hump your leg?  Shut up Vienna.

- Why do so many girls say "literally" so much?  I feel like it could be a drinking game... a drink everytime someone says "literally"... or even better... take a drink everytime someone cries.

-So this Justin "the wrestler"... he didn't really bother me so much when he was on the Bachelorette...  I mean, I didn't like him, but I didn't hate him.  But I notice he's trying to come in as the "villain"... so, is this because he's a wrestler?  Because he's a fan of Bentley from the last Bachelorette?  Or is he just a douche bag?  Who knows?  Only time will tell...

- Michelle Money bothered me when she was on the Bachelor... but I'm still kind of hoping she brings out a little crazy in this house.

- So, I didn't watch the Bachelor the season this "Princess" girl was in (I can't even remember her name)... but I can tell I don't like her... lets get her out of there.

- And finally... lets be real, there are very few likeable people on Bachelor Pad, so I guess it's a case of "figure out who you dislike the least".

Thoughts?  Comments?  Is there anyone actually reading this blog?  Once again.... only time will tell.


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