Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!

Why would you want to read it?  Or why do I think people want to read it?  Who knows?  I'm overtired, so I think everything I say or think is interesting, so I thought "why not post it on the internet for random people to read and criticize".... because I'm like that.

First random thought - You know how people always say "why does everyone think they deserve their own show" when referring to some reality tv star?   It's because they can get their own show!  Obviously!  That's why we're watching them, and that's why other people are watching them, and that's why their show is still on the air!  I heard someone say that the other day about the Jersey Shore.  Here's the conversation I eavesdropped on:

Girl 1 - That show "Jersey Shore" is so stupid.  I don't know why people think they deserve their own show.
Girl 2 - I know, they're all idiots.
Girl 1 - It's so stupid, in last night's episode, Sammie and JWoww fighting... like punching each other.  So stupid!"
Girl 2 - I know, and they fought last season too.
Girl 1 - It's such a dumb show, I mean, I bet if they followed us around with cameras it would be way more interesting.
Girl 2 - It SO would!

So, a few points here:
1 - You say the show is dumb, but you've obviously watched it, and watched it more than once....
2 - You think a show about your own life would be more interesting?  What are you doing that's so great?  Then people can have a discussion about you and how your show is "so stupid".

Anyway, hope you've enjoyed my first random thought for the day!  Hopefully there will be many more to come.


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